Types of Electrical License & its Eligibility Criteria

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Types of Electrical License & their Eligibility Criteria

Electrical license are mainly divided into 3 categories which are mentioned below, these three categories are further divided into their respective sub-categories.

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You can apply for an electrical license from the official web portal of the CEIG department of your state or you can also apply offline by visiting the office.

Eligibility Criteria for Contractor Electrical License

The contractor electrical license is further divided into four categories

Eligibility Criteria for Class A 

  • Individual or legal entity either partnership or proprietorship firm or private firm having a least 3 years experience as a “B” or “C” class contractor. He shall have successfully executed minimum 10 numbers of High tension installations.

  • Individuals or the owner of the firms or all partners of the firms who are engineers having 5 years of experience in electrical operation and maintenance.

  • Individuals or the firm who is already having a license issued by the competent authority of any other state and having experience of at least three years in electrical works of above 33kv voltage level with the successful execution of 10 numbers of HT installation.

Eligibility Criteria for Class B

  • Any individual or legal entity either a partnership firm or private or public limited firm or contractor has a license issued by the competent authority of the state.

Eligibility Criteria for Class C

  • For the person who is an unemployed engineer holding a degree or diploma in electrical engineering or is a Class “A” Supervisor.

Eligibility Criteria for Class D

  • For the person holding a certificate or permit for supervisor or wireman issued by the office of the chief/ senior electrical inspector.

Eligibility Criteria for Supervisor Electrical License

Class A Electrical Supervisor (Any voltage level)

  • Candidates who have B.E or B.Tech in electrical engineering.

  • Candidates who have valid experience as B Class supervisors for at least 5 years.

Class B Electrical Supervisor (Voltage up to 33kv and below)

  • Candidates who have a diploma in Electrical engineering.

  • Candidates who have a wireman permit issued by electrical inspectors and at least 10 years of valid practical electrical work experience as electrician/ wireman certified by an electrical contractor of class A/B/C or by the head of the office of any state/central government/Board/Corporation/private sector.

Mines Electrical Supervisor

  • A degree holder in electrical engineering with one year of practical experience in mining installation after obtaining a degree.

  • A diploma holder in electrical engineering with two years of experience in mining installation after obtaining a diploma.

  • A valid wireman permit holder with a minimum working experience of o 15 years out of which 5 years of practical experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Other Electrical Licenses

Wire-Man License

  • Who have passed two years ITI or National apprenticeship certificate recognized by the government.

  • Candidate having a permit to work as a wireman issued by the competent authority of other states.

Charted Safety Electrical Engineer

  • The applicant should have a degree in Bachelor of Engineering or Technology in engineering.

  • At Least 5 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of electrical installations.


An electrical license is essential for contractors as it helps you in getting new employment opportunities, before applying a contractor should always check his project’s requirement or the nature of the work which he or she has to do.

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