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Electrical License

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Electrical Licenses are issued by CEIG Departments, Every state has their own Electrical License Board. If a contractor wants to work on a tender which requires heavy or small scale electrical works then he is required to have a “Contractor electrical license”. If a contractor does not have a electrical license then he is bound to hire a person usually a electrical engineer or a electrical supervisor or he can even rent a electrical license to be able to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the tender. Check the official website of electrical license board of your state here.

Types of Electrical Licenses

Picture showing a graph which shows different types of electrical licenses

Types of Electrical Licenses issued in India –
1. Wireman Electrical License

2. Supervisor Electrical License ( Supervisor electrical License is further divided into 3 classes which are )-
(A) Class A supervisor
(B) Class B supervisor
(C) Mines Supervisor

3. Charted Safety Electrical Engineer License

4. Contractor Electrical License( Contractor electrical License is further divided into 3 classes which are )-
(a) Class A
(b) Class B
(c) Class C
(d) Class D

Check eligibility criteria of different classes of electrical licenses here.

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