Construction Labour Management

An all-in-one solution crafted for the problem of Labour Management. Ensure optimal utilization of labour resources and enhance project productivity.

Is Salary distribution & labour tracking becoming problematic?

Labour Attendance

Track workforce presence and hours worked, ensuring accurate payroll management and project accountability.

Salary Distribution

Facilitate timely and accurate payment to construction workers based on attendance records and project contributions.

Track Workers at the Site

Provides real-time location tracking of construction workers, enhancing safety, accountability, and project coordination.

Shift Wise attendance and salary

Efficient tracking and management of workforce attendance and pay wages based on predefined shift schedules.

Simplify labour management

with a single app

  • Salary & Attendance
  • Shift Tracking
  • Labour Expense
  • Party Status
  • Pdf Reports
Salary & Attendance

Track attendance & Calculate salary of labours based on hours/days. 

This feature helps users optimize project resources, enhance productivity, and achieve project success.

Efficient Attendance Tracking

Cost Control and Budget Management

Automated Salary Calculation

Shift Tracking

Enable users to schedule and manage shifts for workers based on project requirements.

Get efficient shift management, improved attendance monitoring, enhanced payroll accuracy, and optimized resource allocation.

Efficient Attendance Tracking

Enhanced Payroll Accuracy

Optimized Resource Allocation

Labour Expense

Get accurate compensation calculation and compliance assurance.

This feature helps with optimized workforce management and achieve project success.

Accurate Compensation Calculation

Transparent Deductions and Allowances

Cost Control and Budget Management

Party Status

Get valuable insights into the status of parties.

It provides visibility into the party status involved in various construction project execution.

Vendor and Supplier Management

Subcontractor Coordination

Project Planning and Coordination

Pdf Reports

20+ customized and accurate reports.

This feature creates pdf and provides the data in pdf form, This helps in keeping accurate track of data.

Documentation and Communication

Compliance and Reporting

Efficiency and Productivity

Products that support labour management

Labour Attendance & Salary

The Labour Attendance & Salary feature in Onsite makes it easy to track worker attendance and calculate their salaries. This ensures accurate records and timely salary payments. This simplifies payroll management and improves workforce efficiency.

Labour Contractor Management

Onsite simplifies the management of labour contractors for construction projects. It allows users to easily onboard contractors, manage their details, track performance, and ensure compliance with project requirements. This helps streamline workforce management.

Customer Story

Digitization of Construction Industry

I have been using Onsite for couple of months and managing 4-5 projects in the app. The app is super useful for contractors of all size. Hoping for a long-time association


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