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Documents Required for PWD – Class D Contractor License & Registration

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Work Limit & Eligibility

Class D License is the first license a contractor with no prior experience should apply for. The primary significance of a Class D license is that those contractors who wish to work with PWD but do not have much experience can apply for a Class D license and work on small government projects. Work Limits & Eligibility Criteria: Class D PWD License does not have any work experience criteria. The project limit of a Class D license is up to Rs 15 Lakhs.

Documents Required for Class D Contractor License

GST Number

Keep in mind that you have to apply for a GST number with the name of your firm/company.

PAN Number

You should apply for a PAN number with the name of your company/firm.

Address Proof

For address proof, you can use an Electricity bill, Water tax bill, and in some cases, some states also accept the rent agreement.

Non-Judicial Affidavit

A Non-Judicial Affidavit is required to prove the employment of technical staff working under you.

Experience Certificate, aka Work Knowledge Certificate

An experience certificate is usually required in the registration process of the upper class contractors, but in some states, an experience certificate is needed even in Class D contractor registration.
You can obtain this certificate by contacting any senior contractor and asking them to give a written recommendation for you and your work. Another thing here is that this certificate is not required if you’ve done BTEC or any other civil engineering diploma.

Current Account Details

You have to submit the current account details. One important thing here is that you must show pictures of the office premises while applying for a current account for your firm or company. Make sure that the office premise has a signboard outside the premise. The sign board should include your firm’s name with the GST number.

Character Certificate

You are required to submit a “Character certificate. If you’ve BTEC or any other civil engineering diploma, you can get this character certificate from your college. If not, you can apply and obtain this certificate from your “state’s e-district portal” or apply it offline at your nearest Jan Seva Kendra.

Bank Solvency Certificate or Haisiyat Pramaan Patra

The bank’s solvency certificate is a financial document. It is used to check the financial soundness of the person. Haisiyat pramaan patra is a legal document that is issued by the state government’s revenue department. Haisiyat pramaan patra is used to verify information about an individual’s properties and other assets.

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Other Important Documents

  • Last 3 years’ Income Tax Return plus 2 Passport size pictures
  • A security fee of Rs 50,000 is required.

Always keep in mind that these documents and security fees change from state to state. Every state has its own rules and regulations. Always cross-check with your state PWD department before applying.

How to Apply for D Class Contractor License

There are two ways in which you can apply for any PWD License including Class D license.

Online Mode

You can apply for a PWD contractor license by registering yourself at the official web portal of the PWD department of your state. After registering, you’ll be able to apply for the license under the “contractor registration” tab. Make sure that you have scanned copies of all the required documents.

Offline Mode

You can apply for the license offline by reaching out to the head PWD office of your state. Look out for specially appointed clerks to help contractors register for a permit in the office.

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