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PWD Department

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The PWD’s full name stands for the Public Works Department. The PWD department is under the Government of India and is primarily concerned with public infrastructures that include building roads, construction of bridges, government offices, developing water systems, etc. The department looks after the construction and maintenance of these infrastructures. All such works that come under the public sector of India, are under the responsibility of the PWD.

In India, the Public Works Department (PWD) is a government agency that constructs, maintains, and manages public infrastructure, including roads, bridges, government buildings, and other public facilities. The PWD department implements government policies and programs related to public infrastructure development.

The PWD department has several branches such as Roads and Bridges, Buildings and Housing, and Water Supply and Sanitation, with each branch responsible for specific functions related to infrastructure development, including designing and constructing roads and bridges, maintaining government buildings and housing complexes, and managing water supply and sanitation systems.

The PWD department is crucial in ensuring the development of essential public infrastructure in India, which improves the quality of life for citizens and promotes economic growth. Additionally, it provides employment opportunities and boosts the construction industry in the country.

Furthermore, the PWD department ensures that public infrastructure is developed sustainably and eco-friendly. It adopts green building practices, utilizes renewable energy sources, and promotes the use of eco-friendly materials in construction.

In summary, the Public Works Department (PWD) is a vital government agency in India responsible for developing and maintaining public infrastructure, playing a crucial role in the country’s economic growth and development.

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