Documents required for Bank Solvency Certificate

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A bank solvency certificate is a financial document used to prove financial soundness. The banks issue this certificate after checking your transaction history and verifying your documents.

Where can you use this Certificate?

  1. While applying for specific government tenders
  2. While applying for government licenses such as Class D or any other contractor license.
  3. While applying for Visas.

Documents Required for Bank Solvency Certificate

  1. Request form.
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Current account statement if any
  4. Savings account statement if any
  5. Mutual funds investment, if any
  6. Investment in shares, if any
  7. Property valuation certificate from a chartered engineer, if applicable
  8. Gold valuation certificate, issued by banker based on the weight and value of gold
  9. Insurance details, if any
  10. Chartered accountant net worth certificate

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