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Documents Required for NHAI Tenders and any Other Road Construction Tenders

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In this blog, you will learn what NHAI tender document are required for filling NHAI tenders.

Tender documents are a very important part in any tender filling process, so a contractor must fully understand the documents mentioned in the tender notice and then very carefully prepare the tender documents pdf in case of Online tender filling or the tender documents envelopes in case of Offline tender filing.

Documents Required for NHAI & other Road Tenders

Now coming to the documentation part, These are the documents required for any NHAI or road related tenders or other road development projects. Here, An important point is that, many times some of these documents are not required in some of the tenders because tender documents change according to the nature of the tender.

But here we will let you know about most of the documents. The preparation of documents for tender depends on the mode of applying, if you’re applying through offline mode, then you have to prepare your documents (Financial and technical bid) in envelopes, and then submit your application, In case of Online mode you will have to prepare a .pdf file of your bids and then upload it to the portals.

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  • Basic information about your company.

  • Annual audit turnover for the last 3 years duly verified by a C.A.

  • A certificate from C.An as proof of turnover for the last 3 years.

  • Additional information regarding Litigation, Debarment, or blacklisting.

  • The firm should submit the CV of at least one senior person from the firm/organization. This person should be well experienced in these similar types of jobs.

  • The bidder should submit affidavits and power of attorney duly notarized by the Notary on stamp papers. 

  • Bidder should submit the self-attested certificate of ESI, PAN, PPF, Labor License, and GST registration number duly certified by the authorized signatory.

  • If you are a private company then a certificate of incorporation of the company is issued by the registrar of companies concerned.

  • The legal status of the bidder.

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