How To Fill BOQ In Tenders Smartly & Win Bids

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The Bill of quantity (BOQ) is a standard format the company prepares to get the rates in a specific form. A BOQ in tender provides data on the number of materials, labor, and costs in the construction project. Nowadays, most tenders are filled online due to an increase in the digitization effect and covid 19, and their BOQs are also filled online through MS Excel.

What Does a BOQ Contain & Its Importance

BOQs usually contain the work description, quantity, materials used, labor deployed, etc. All this information helps the contractors to quote the rates for their respective tenders. BOQs are used in construction projects because it helps the contractors in preparing estimates and quotations. Estimates and Quotations are two essential things in a tender process.

A contractor should always know the importance of estimates in tenders. On the other hand, from the company’s perspective of who has floated the tender, BOQs help them in the assessment and comparison of price quotations of various contractors and also help in selecting the best out of all.

Objectives of BOQ In Tender

  • To provide sufficient and precise information on the work to be performed, to enable bids to be prepared accurately.
  • Another objective of BOQs in tenders is that it helps provide a clear idea regarding the work, its rates, and the final amount.

Types Of BOQs In Tender

BOQs can be prepared in multiple formats such as pdf, word, or excel, but nowadays, the eProcurement portal of e-tenders only accepts BOQs in .xls format, prepared in MS Excel. Any Other format will not be accepted. These six types of BOQ templates are used/ modified to prepare BOQ for almost every requirement, be it for Construction or BOQ for workforce supply, or BOQ for any goods purchase or service rendering.

  • Item Wise BOQ
  • Item Rate BOQ
  • Percentage BOQ
  • Item Wise Open For H1
  • Multi-Currency BOQ
  • Form-Based BOQ

Sample BOQ Templates

You can download the sample templates of all the above-mentioned BOQs from these links, These samples are downloaded from the official website of e-procurement

Things To Remember While Filling BOQ in Tender

The Do’s

  • While preparing BOQs, it is essential to provide every detail of all the work to be performed on the project. Add every work and try to include all the details.
  • In BOQ, you should always use straightforward language while describing the work for better understandability.
  • Describe the quantity takeoff very clearly. Once the work is described, the quantity is determined and taken off. It gives a clear idea of the amount of work to be performed.
  • While describing the rates in BOQ, always consider the factors like market survey, current rates, schedule of rates (SOR), etc.

The Don’ts

  • Calculations are an essential part of a BOQ; try to avoid calculation errors in the quantity of work and rates of items of work.
  • Make accurate assumptions about various items of work.
  • Always make measurements very carefully to avoid errors in measurements of quantities of work.
  • Avoid Double counting work items, and always remember a specific item of work to be counted.


BOQs are an essential part of construction projects. It helps efficiently manage the construction project, providing the required data necessary for various aspects of project management. In short, BOQs provide a clear picture of the work. It helps in future estimation and cost planning as a reference for the next project.

Q1: What’s a BOQ in tenders and why is it important?

Answer: A BOQ (Bill of Quantity) in tenders has details about materials, labor, and costs in a construction project. It’s vital because it helps contractors give accurate quotes and assists companies in evaluating bids.

Q2: What’s the main goal of BOQs in tenders?
Answer: BOQs in tenders aim to provide clear work details and enable accurate bidding. They also help understand work, rates, and final costs.

Q3: What are the different BOQ formats in tenders?
Answer: BOQs come in various formats, but eProcurement portals usually accept .xls format in MS Excel. Common types include Item Wise, Item Rate, Percentage, Item Wise Open For H1, Multi-Currency, and Form-Based BOQs.

Q4: What should you remember when filling out a BOQ?
Answer: Remember to give clear work details, use simple language, explain quantity takeoff, consider market rates, and avoid errors and double counting.

Q5: Why are estimates and quotations important in tendering?
Answer: Estimates and quotes matter in tendering because they help contractors make competitive bids, and they help companies pick the best bids for their projects.

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