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BOQ in Construction

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A bill of quantities (BOQ) is a document used in construction projects that lists and describes all of the materials, labor, and equipment required to complete a project. It is typically prepared by a contractor or a quantity surveyor, who uses the project’s architectural and engineering plans and other specifications to estimate the quantities of materials, labor, and pieces of equipment needed for the project.

Why BOQ is Prepared in Construction Projects?

The BOQ is then used as a basis for pricing the project and issuing purchase orders and contracts to suppliers and subcontractors. It serves as a document to control the cost and scope of the project and also helps to ensure that all necessary materials and labor are included in the project budget.

How BOQ is Prepared?

Usually, BOQs are prepared in Excel, but some contractors also make BOQ in MS Word and other applications. There is no specific format for BOQ, and the BOQs are prepared according to the nature of the project.

In government e-tenders, the BOQ can be downloaded with the NIT files. Contractors must fill and upload the BOQ at the procurement website to file the tender.

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