List of Road Construction Equipment used by Top Contractors in India

Picture showing a worker on a road roller. Picture has the following text - Top road construction equipments

Roads play an important role in the economic development of a nation. A nation’s financial strength can be determined by the quality of its roads.
The construction industry is digitizing at a swift pace. The road construction industry is also changing very fast. Reliable and modern equipment are now used by smart contractors to save time and increase their productivity.

Crawler Excavator

These are earthmoving machines used to excavate construction sites’ soil, rocks, and other debris. Crawler excavators are available in many sizes and can be used in small and large-scale works. The most essential quality of a crawler excavator is that it can be equipped with multiple extensions to perform a variety of jobs quickly and hassle-free.

Motor Grader

The motor grader is one of the most essential equipment used in the road construction industry. It is also known as “road grader.” Motor graders are used to flattening the surface. It’s a very powerful piece of equipment with 3 axis and can flatten any surface in no time.

Wheel Loader

Wheel loaders are also known as bucket loaders, skip loaders and skip loaders. Wheel loaders are used for removing, lifting, and loading things such as rocks, stones, sands, etc., safely from one point to another on construction sites. They are primarily used to load materials onto the dumper/truck. 

Road Roller

Road rollers are used to flatten the asphalt laid to construct the road. Many road rollers available in the market can be used in different types of road construction projects. Some have 2 wheels, and some have 3 wheels. It is up to the contractor to choose what kind of road roller will suit the project.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders can be used in multiple construction works. It’s earthmoving equipment used for paving roads, small demolitions, and breaking asphalts.

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