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  1. Solid Finish ACP: Solid Finish ACP sheets are used for style, gloss, and classy colours. It is characterised by its uniform and consistent solid colour finish. It has a glossy texture that maintain a non-patterned surface with a single colour throughout.
  2. Wooden finish ACP: Wooden finish ACP shows the texture of natural wood. Other than appearance it provides durability and versatility of aluminium composite materials.
  3. Marble Finish ACP: Marble finish ACP sheets are used to show elegance in natural marble. Marble finish ACP is mainly used in kitchen countertops, walls, and cladding.
  4. Stone Finish ACP: Stone Finish ACP is used to replicate natural stone. It is used for exterior cladding, interior design, and etc. 
  5. Brushed Finish ACP: Brushed finish ACP refers to a type of ACP sheet that features a textured surface resembling brushed metal. 
  • Solid Finish ACP: Characterized by a uniform, glossy, solid color.
  • Wood Finish ACP: Mimics the texture of natural wood while offering durability.
  • Marble Finish ACP: Replicates the elegance of natural marble, used for countertops, walls, and cladding.
  • Stone Finish ACP: Imitates natural stone, ideal for exterior cladding and interior design.
  • Brushed Finish ACP: Features a textured surface resembling brushed metal.
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