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Best TMT Bars in India Used by Top Contractors

Picture of TMT Steel bars witht he text - Best TMT Bars in India

TMT means “Thermo Mechanically Treated” these bars contain a solid exterior and a soft interior. TMT bars are used in many construction industry sectors, such as residential/commercial buildings, bridges, industrial constructions, and concrete reinforcement. The main advantage of TMT, which outperforms its alternatives which are steel bars, is that TMT bars are immune from corrosion damage. Here’s the list of the Best TMT Bars in India

Types of TMT Bars

In India, 4 types of TMT bar grade are manufactured

  • Fe-415
  • Fe-500
  • Fe-550
  • Fe-600

These different grades indicates the strength & rigidity factor of the steel bar. The numbers indicates the force that needs to be applied in order to deform or modify the steel bars for various purposes.

Grades of TMT Steel Bars & Its Applications

Smaller grades like Fe-415 are used for small construction such as homes, flats, etc whereas the higher grades are used for heavy construction such as multistory buildings, bridges and even dams etc. Higher grades of TMT steel bars are also used for building the core of structures for strong flooring, roofs etc.

Understand Grades of TMT Steel Bars & Its applications with the help of this table

TMT Bar Grade

Applications or Use Case

Fe- 415 Grade

Fe -415 grade TMT steel bars possess higher elongation properties. This grade is economically feasible which makes them the best choice for small constructions.

Fe- 500 Grade

Fe- 500 grade have good stability and elasticity which makes them the ideal choice for underground constructions and multi-story buildings.

Fe- 550 Grade

Fe-500 grade TMT steel bars have higher tensile strength and are mostly used in marine constructions.

Fe- 600 Grade

FE -600 grade TMT steel bars have the highest Tensile to yield strength, ductility compared to all other grades of TMT steel bars. Fe-600 grade bars are used for heavy constructions like dams, bridges, etc.

Link to Buy Some of the Best TMT Bars

These are some of the best TMT Bars available in the Indian market. Below is the table for product name and their buying link

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