6 Best Bricks for House Construction

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Bricks are humanity’s oldest and most durable known building materials. Humans have used bricks for building purposes for nearly thousands of years. Bricks are used mainly in constructing brick walls, pillars, foundations, and road surfaces. Bricks are made from various raw materials such as clay, lime, concrete, fly ash, and many more. Here’s a list showing the best bricks for house construction in India used by top contractors.

Best Bricks for House Construction

1- Burnt Clay Bricks

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Burnt clay bricks are used to construct structures like walls, columns, foundations, etc. These are the oldest and most widely used construction materials.

Types of Burnt Clay Bricks 

  • First Class burnt clay bricks.
  • Second Class burnt clay bricks.
  • Third Class burnt clay bricks.
  • Fourth Class burnt clay bricks.

2- Fly Ash Bricks

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Fly-ash bricks are made up of class c or class f fly ash, a byproduct of the coal burning process. These bricks are primarily used in constructing structural walls, pillars, and foundations. Fly ash bricks are also known as “self-cementing” bricks because of the high concentration of calcium oxide.

3- Concrete Bricks

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Concrete bricks are used in facades or internal brickworks and fences. Concrete bricks are made up of solid concrete and other ingredients like cement, sand, aggregates, and water. The main advantage of concrete brick is that it can be tailored according to the size and nature of the project very easily.

4- Engineered Bricks

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Engineered bricks are primarily used for basement constructions because of their high compressive strength. Engineered bricks can prevent damage from acid, water, and other chemicals in a structure.

5- Calcium Silicate Bricks

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Calcium Silicate Bricks are made by mixing lime, sand, and fly ash. This type of brick is used for numerous purposes in construction industries like masonry works, ornamental works in buildings, etc.

6- Porotherm Smart Bricks Or Eco Bricks

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Porotherm Smart Bricks Or Eco Bricks are used in many residential and commercial projects. These bricks are innovative walling material that uses the advantages of natural clay. These are punctured hollow bricks made of natural substances and open from the inside, making them more efficient and eco-friendly than the traditional solid bricks.


There are various types of bricks available in the market and a contractor should always choose the type of brick according to the nature of the project.

Popular FAQs

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Answer- Discover the various types of bricks available for house construction in India.

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Q5- What are the key characteristics of burnt clay bricks?
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Q6- Why are fly ash bricks popular for construction in India?
Answer- Learn about the unique properties of fly ash bricks and their use in building structural elements.

Q7- How are concrete bricks used in construction, and what makes them versatile?
Answer- Explore the versatility and applications of concrete bricks in house construction.

Q8- What are engineered bricks, and why are they used in construction?
Answer-Discover the properties of engineered bricks and their role in basement construction.

Q9- What are the advantages of calcium silicate bricks in building projects?
Answer- Learn how calcium silicate bricks made from lime, sand, and fly ash find various uses in construction.

Q10- Are Porotherm Smart Bricks or Eco Bricks suitable for house construction?
Answer- Explore the innovative hollow bricks that offer efficiency and eco-friendliness in residential and commercial projects.

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