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How to use Steel Calculator for Beam?

Let’s understand with the help of an example, how to use the above Steel Calculator for Beam

Assumptions for Example

  • There are 2 types of bars in a Beam: Main Bar & Distribution Bar
  • Main(Top) Bar Diameter = 16 mm
  • Number of Main(Top) Bars = 3
  • Distribution(Bottom) Bar Diameter = 20 mm
  • Number of Distribution(Bottom) Bars = 3
  • Length of Beam = 4500 mm
  • Width of Beam = 230 mm
  • Depth of Beam = 600 mm
  • Diameter of Stirrup(Ring) = 8 mm
  • C/C distance of ring(mm) at supports= 100 mm
  • C/C distance of ring(mm) at mid supports= 150 mm
  • Concrete Cover = 25 mm
  • We are using a Steel grade of fe500

Calculation Procedure

Step 1 – Calculation of cutting length for Main(Top) & Distribution(Bottom) Bar’s 

Cutting Length  of Main Bar = Length + Development Length(on 2 sides) – Bend(on 2 ends) – clear cover
Cutting Length  of Distribution Bar = Length + Development Length(on 2 sides) – Bend(on 2 ends) – clear cover
Here , Development Length = 50D & Bend =2D ; where D= Diameter of Bar
Cutting Length of Main Bar = 4500 + 2x50x16 – 2x2x16 – 2×25 = 5986 mm
Cutting Length of Distribution Bar = 4500 + 2x50x20 – 2x2x20 – 2×25 = 6370 mm

Step 2 – Calculate the Number of Stirrups

Number of Stirrups required = 2xStirrup(support zone) + Stirrup(mid support zone)
= 2[(L/3)/spacing at support + 1] + [(L/3)/spacing at mid support + 1]
= 2[(4500/3)/100 + 1] + [(4500/3)/150 + 1]
= 43

Step 3 – Calculate the Cutting Length of Stirrup

Cutting length of Stirrup = Perimeter of stirrup + Number of Bends + Number of Hooks
= 2(a+b) + 3 numbers of 90 degree bends + 2 numbers of hooks
= 2(a+b) + 3x2xd + 2x2xd
Here, a & b are the Width & Depth of the beam ; d is the diameter of stirrup
Cutting length of stirrup = 2(230 + 600) + 3x2x8 + 2x2x8
= 1740 mm

Step 4 -Total Length Calculation

Total Length of Main(top) Bar = 3 x 5986
= 17958 mm = 18 m
Total Length of Distribution(bottom) Bar = 3 x 6370
= 19110 mm = 20 m
Total Length of Stirrup Bar = 43 x 1740
= 74820 mm = 75 m

Step 5 -Calculation of Steel Weight

Weight of the bar as per their length and diameter by following the Formula: –
Unit weight formula for kg per metre =(D2/163) × L kg/m
Unit weight for feet per metre = (D2/ 533) × L kg/ft
L is the required length of a Steel bar of Diameter D
Weight of Main Bar = (162/163) x 18 = 28.27 Kg
Weight of Distribution Bar = (202/163) x 20 = 40.08 Kg
Weight of Stirrup Bar = (82/163) x 75 = 29.45 Kg

Final Result

 Total Steel Weight =  28.27 + 40.08 + 29.45 = 97.8kg

Advantages of Steel Weight Calculator for Beam

  • Precision: Steel weight calculators provide precise estimations of beam weights, enabling architects, engineers, and contractors to effectively plan construction projects.
  • Cost Efficiency: Accurate weight calculations help in estimating material costs more effectively, avoiding potential budget overruns.
  • Structural Integrity: Calculating beam weights ensures that the selected beams can handle expected loads, maintaining the structural integrity of the construction.
  • Safety Assurance: Properly sized and weighted beams are crucial for ensuring the overall safety of a structure.

Best Practices for Steel Weight Calculator for Beam

  • Accurate Input: Ensure precise input of beam dimensions, including length, width, and height, into the calculator to obtain accurate weight calculations.
  • Select Appropriate Steel Grade: Consider the specific steel grade to meet the required standards for strength and durability.
  • Consider Load Factors: Account for anticipated loads during calculations to ensure the beams can safely support the intended weight.
  • Regular Updates: Stay updated with the latest steel weight calculation formulas and standards for accurate and up-to-date results.
  • Double-Check Results: Verify the calculated weight values using multiple calculators or manual calculations to ensure accuracy.

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