Zonewise Railway Tenders in India

Zonewise Railway Tenders are one category of these tenders, where the railway network is divided into zones, and tenders are released accordingly. This blog compiles a table of links to the tender websites of each zone, which will be helpful for those interested in bidding for these tenders or staying updated on the latest tenders in their respective zones. Every year the Indian Railways floats many works and services tenders. To get these railway tenders in India, Contractors are required to obtain a “Railway License.”

Latest Zone-Wise Railway Tenders

Railway Zone


Central Railway

Konkan Railway

Northern Railway

Metro Railway, Kolkata

North Central Railway

North Eastern Railway

Northeast Frontier Railway

North Western Railway

Eastern Railway

East Central Railway

East Coast Railway

Southern Railway

South Central Railway

South Coast Railway

Coming Soon

South Eastern Railway

South East Central Railway

South Western Railway

Western Railway

West Central Railway


In conclusion, Zonewise Railway Tenders in India offer excellent opportunities for businesses and individuals to bid on projects and services related to Indian Railways. The tender websites of each zone provide valuable information on the tenders, including their deadlines, eligibility criteria, and submission procedures. The table compiled in this blog provides easy access to the websites, helping interested parties stay updated on the latest tenders in their respective zones.

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