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Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) in Construction

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A bar bending schedule is a document used in construction projects that inform contractors and workers about the specific details and dimensions of the reinforcing steel (rebar) used in a concrete structure.

It is typically created by a structural engineer or a contractor and used by steel fabricators and construction workers to ensure that the correct amount and size of rebar is used in the correct locations. There are many software available in the market but most of the time people use MS Excel to prepare BBS.

Importance of Bar Bending Schedule

The schedule lists the length, shape, and size of each piece of rebar, as well as the location where it will be placed in the structure. This information is crucial for ensuring that the structure is reinforced correctly and able to withstand the loads it will be subjected to during its life and maintain the overall stability of the structure. Additionally, Bar Bending Schedule is used to check the correctness of the steel reinforcement drawing.

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