List of Heavy Construction Equipment Every Contractor Should Know

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Heavy construction equipment is used for various purposes in the construction industry. This also depends upon the nature of the project. Heavy construction equipment’s advantage is that they simplify the complex development process.

Mostly Used Heavy Construction Equipment

Backhoe Loader

The backhoe loader is a type of earth-moving construction equipment. A backhoe is used for various tasks on a construction site, such as paving roads, small demolitions, and breaking asphalts. JCB is the leading brand in the manufacturing of Backhoe loaders.


Excavators are one of the most used heavy construction equipment in the industry. Excavators are used to lifting heavy equipment or materials at the site, cut trees, demolish, etc. Excavator’s main advantage is that the cabinet and excavator can move in all directions giving the operator a clear view.


Dozers are versatile equipment used for various purposes on construction sites. Dozers are used for cutting trees, paving paths, clearing areas from boulders and other things, leveling the ground, etc. Bulldozers are very much cost-effective when compared to their other alternatives.

Haul Dumper

Haul dumpers are usually used in mining works. These are designed to carry and transport heavy debris, rocks, stones, gravel, etc. The main advantages of haul dumpers are that they are incredibly rugged, highly maneuverable, and exceptionally productive.

Boom Lift

Boom lifts lift workers to a certain level on an elevated project. It is a type of aerial platform large enough for one or two workers to stand and work on a specific task. The crane lifts the bucket through a hydraulic lift system. The advantage of using a boom lift is that it allows the workers to work at a certain height with ease and safety.

Wheel Tractor Scraper

Wheel tractor scrapers are also used in earthmoving operations in the construction industry. This equipment contains a rear hopper that can move vertically and has a sharp edge for flattening a surface.


Trenchers are the perfect equipment for digging channels and narrow or long holes for underground piping and cables. Trenchers are equipped with a heavy metal chain of solid steel, which is used to cut the ground and rip through intense things such as roots, mud, and rocks. The main advantage of using a trencher is that it produces less vibration and dust while working, making it perfect for use in residential areas.

Articulated Hauler

Articulated haulers have pivot joints in their build, which gives them increased mobility. These haulers can carry massive loads even around challenging turns and slopes. They have another advantage that is almost every articulated hauler is four-wheel drive, allowing drivers to easily reach any site irrespective of road conditions.


Multitasking is one of the main advantages of heavy construction equipment. Heavy construction equipment allows construction workers to perform demanding and challenging tasks efficiently. There is multiple heavy construction equipment available in the market today.

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