Green Cement Revolution: Environmentally Friendly Options and Their Prices in India

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Do you know that concrete cement is the second most consumed substance in the world after water? Cement has become one of the most produced and consumed substances with increased building demands and rapid urbanization. About 3.6 billion tons of cement are produced annually around the globe. Furthermore, the industrial production of conventional cement leads to excessive carbon dioxide emissions and significantly raises air pollution globally. Therefore the concept of green cement is introduced to revolutionize the construction industry through an environment-friendly approach.

What is Green Cement?

Green cement is an eco-friendly approach to minimizing the carbon footprints from the manufacturing of concrete cement. It uses industrial waste products such as fly ash, silica fumes, and blast furnace slag to produce cement, leading to around 40-80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, the green cement revolution can minimize the utilization of industrial wastes which is otherwise dumped and leads to soil and underground water pollution.

On the other hand, the cement produced through this process is energy efficient and has high strength and durability. Many cement industries have taken the initiative and made green cement from various waste products. This environment-friendly approach will help reduce global warming and lead us toward a greener planet.

Advantages Of Green Cement

1- Sustainability

Green cement production is a carbon-negative process and leads to a remarkable reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Ekkomaxx cement is a type of green cement that uses fly ashes for eco-friendly cement production and has led to zero CO2 emission. This is a revolutionary step towards a sustainable future.

2- Enhanced Concrete Strength

The industrial waste used in green cement acts as a filler and reduces the porosity of the concrete. It, therefore, increases the strength and durability of the concrete.

3- Reduced Water Consumption

Due to a decrease in porosities, water consumption is decreased by 50% compared to conventional cement.

4- Prevents Corrosion Of Iron Beams

As green cement is impervious to water, it prevents the corrosion of Iron beams due to contact with moisture and further imparts strength to the construction.

5- Cost-Effective

As green cement is composed of industrial waste products, it is more cost-effective than conventional cement.

Types of Green Cement

1- Ekkomaxx Cement

It is a high-quality cement that is manufactured by CeraTech company in the United States. It utilizes 95% fly ash and 5% renewable liquids in the manufacturing process. Ekkomaxx cement is an eco-friendly cement with zero carbon footprint. It has high strength and durability.

2- Magnesium Oxychloride Cement

It is another type of green cement that uses industrial byproducts of magnesium mining. Its main constituents are Magnesium oxide(MgO) and Magnesium chloride (MgCl2). This cement has high compressive strength. However, this cement absorbs water which makes it unsuitable for laying slabs and RCC. Its other variant is introduced by adding fly ash and silica fumes to increase its strength and reduce water absorption.

3- Geopolymer

This green cement utilizes industrial waste products of aluminosilicates for its manufacturing. It emits 95% less Carbon dioxide as compared to conventional cement.

4- Ferrocrete

This cement is produced by mixing silica and iron waste which are produced as byproducts from the glass and steel industry. It remarkably reduces carbon emissions and contributes to a greener planet.

5- Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement

It is a fast-setting cement that consumes 25% less energy as compared to conventional cement. It is used in the construction of bridges and roads.

6- Sequestrated Carbon Cement

It is a process by which calcium and magnesium in seawater are mixed with carbon dioxide to produce high-quality cement.

The prevalence of green cement in India has yet to take the front seat due to a lack of awareness, funding, and government initiatives. However, some cement companies have put their best foot forward and have manufactured high-quality green cement. There is a desperate need to spread awareness and take the initiative towards this eco-friendly innovation to increase the near-green trends in the future.


Green Cement production is a comprehensive approach to revolutionizing the construction industry. It is important to spread awareness and take necessary measures to transform this industry with such environment-friendly innovations for a sustainable future.

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