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5 Popular Types of


are the lower portion of a foundation that directly transfers the load from a structure to the underlying soil or rock

Isolated Spread Footing


In this Footing, a spread is given under the Foundation’s base so that the structure’s weight is distributed on a wide area of the soil surface

Wall or Strip Footing


Wall footings are designed to be wider than the foundation wall they support, providing a larger surface area for the load to be spread over

Combined Footing


When a single footing supports two or more columns in a foundation, it is called Combined Footing. Combined Footing is used when the columns are placed very close to each other



In “Strap Footing,” a beam is placed between two footings to support them. This beam is known as the “Strap Beam,” and the Footing is known as Strap Footing



Stepped footings carry the load of metal columns and transmit it to the ground. Their primary purpose is to keep the metal columns away from the soil to prevent corrosive damage