Bracing systems are essential for structural integrity in construction. It improves durability, strength, and stability against wind and earthquakes

#1 KBracing

Popular Types of Bracing

Diagonal bracing method resembling "K" shape, used in steel buildings for increased lateral and vertical force resistance, enhancing structural integrity

#2 XBracing

This Bracing is Versatile and efficient, it provides stability against lateral and vertical stresses when installed vertically or horizontally

#3 Shear Walls

Shear Walls enhance structural strength, provide stability, and minimize deformations by transferring lateral forces to the foundation

#4 Core Walls

Core Walls are Vertical components in high-rise buildings, resist lateral and vertical forces, providing essential structural support and stability

#5 Moment Frames

Moment frames are Engineered steel structural frames designed to withstand lateral stresses, commonly used alongside other bracing methods to enhance overall building resistance