India's Largest Steel Producer with
34 million tonnes annual capacity, operating in 26 countries as a symbol of industry dominance
and quality

Tata Steel


India's Second-Largest Steel Firm, 28+ million tonnes capacity, headquartered in Mumbai, renowned for tenacity, and innovation. Global operations in India, US, and Europe

JSW Steel


India's 3rd largest steel producer is headquartered in Hisar, Haryana. With 25+ million tonnes annual capacity, operating in South Africa, the US, and India

 Jindal Steel


India's 4th largest steel manufacturer headquartered in New Delhi, with a 20 million tonnes annual capacity, playing a vital role in meeting the nation's steel demands



Prominent player in Indian steel sector, diversified metals and
mining corporation. Annual
capacity exceeds 10 million
tonnes, headquartered in Mumbai

Vedanta Steel