It is a blend of cement, water, and aggregates. Though the ingredients are simple, the process of mixing them to create concrete can be complicated

What is Concrete?

Mixing of concrete determines the quality, strength, and durability of the final product. It helps in withstanding the forces of nature and the weight of the structure

Why Mixing of Concrete is Important?

The ideal mixture and ratio of concrete depend on the intended use of the concrete. Generally, the mix ratio for concrete is 1:2:3, which means one part cement, two parts sand, and three parts gravel or stone

Ideal Ratio

Mixing Methods

There are several methods of mixing concrete, but the most common are "Hand & Machine" Mixing

#1 Hand Mixing

Mixing the ingredients manually
using a shovel or hoe is the method involved in hand-mixing concrete. It is ideal for small projects where only a small amount of concrete is needed

#2 Machine Mixing

The machine mixing process of concrete utilizes a machine, such as a concrete mixer, to mix the ingredients, making it ideal for large projects requiring significant amounts of concrete