The price of different cement companies is shown below for a bag of 50 Kg cement—the prices range from the minimum to the maximum, as seen in the table


RMC price list for different grades of Concrete is shown here. The price of RMC concrete per cubic meter is shown in the table below

Ready Mix Concrete

Sand is mixed with Cement and Aggregate in Concrete to provide bulk and strength to the concrete structure. Sand price per ton and sand price per kg is shown in the table below

Sand & Aggregate

Steel is widely used in construction due to its strength, durability, and versatility.  The minimum and maximum prices of TMT steel bars of different steel companies are shown below. Prices are mentioned in terms of kg and tonne

Steel Bars

Bricks and Blocks are the most commonly used construction materials. The rates of bricks for different sizes and materials like red bricks, fly ash bricks, cement blocks, and AAC blocks are shown below

Bricks & Blocks

On average, 30% of wood is used in any construction work. Prices of different types of wood are shown in the table given below


Tiles are primarily used for flooring, wall coverings, countertops, and shower enclosures. Prices of tiles like wall, floor, ceramic, vitrified, cement, and other tiles are shown below