Provide Proper
PPE Kits


It’s important to provide your employees with the appropriate PPE relative to the type of work being carried out. This can include helmets, ear protection, safety goggles, knee pads, and hi-vis jackets

Display Warning Signs


Construction sites are full of potential dangers, not just for workers but for the public too. It’s important to highlight any hazards with signs and posters, warning everyone nearby to take precautions

Inspect the Tools Regularly


Equipment should regularly be inspected to ensure there are no equipment malfunctions or defects. It is both the responsibility of the worker and the employer to highlight issues with defective equipment

Safe Chemical Storage


Chemicals need to be stored very carefully to minimize fires, explosions, asphyxiation, chemical injury, and pollution on worksites

Follow Govt Guidelines


The Indian law imposes several regulations for employers to provide a safe workplace. These laws mention several points, which the contractor or the employer has to ensure for worker’s safety