The 5 Best

in India


Discover the top excavators available on the market, including their prices and features



The JCB 3CX is powered by a 4 cylinder diesel engine and can dig up to 6.2 m deep. JCB 3CX is priced at around Rs 60 lakhs

Komatsu PC 200


With a diesel engine, the Komatsu PC200 digs up to 5.5 m deep. The PC 200 costs around Rs 50 lakhs

Hyundai R210


Hyundai R210 has a 6-cylinder diesel engine and can dig down as deep as 6.5 meters. Hyundai R210 costs around Rs 60 Lakhs

Tata EX200


It is a medium-sized excavator with a maximum digging depth of 6.2 meters and a4-cylinder diesel engine. It is priced around Rs 55 Lakhs

L&T 320


These are mostly used for heavy duty tasks. It has a 6-cylinder engine and can dig up to 7m. L&T 320 is priced around Rs 70 Lakhs